Alainaz Beauty Box

I regret taking such good care of my skin” – Said no one ever

Skincare has never been a priority in my life, but as I’m getting older I am realising that it needed to be top of the agenda if I wanted to look good. I was starting the see the odd blemish here and there as well as the first slightest signs of ageing. That’s it at 27 years old, it was time to start the road to radiant skin. My days working at River Island I met some wonderful customers and one in particular did beauty treatments. Alaina had recently got I contact, and told me her treatment options. So there and then I opted for the 30 minute anti ageing facial which costs £25. The fantastic thing about Alainaz beauty box is that if you lead a busy lifestyle and work full-time, she has flexible treatment times in the evenings available. Which is obviously fantastic as we all don’t have enough hours in the day as it is.

It’s treatment day, I make my way to her address in Nuneaton and as it’s at her home, it is so relaxed. Which I love, I really do appreciate a friendly chilled vibe, I can be a bit socially awkward in some scenarios haha. We get into her treatment room and I filled out an appointment history card and I lay down on the table. She started to work her magic.

Step by step she told me what she was using and why she was using it. Starting with deep cleansing and exfoliating my skin. This was to get rid of any toxins and shift dead skin cells off the skin. Which I thought was my favourite part as you feel that definitely makes a difference. However she Alaina started the facial massage. OH MY GOD! I have never felt so relaxed in my entire life. I now understand why they call it beauty therapy, because any stress that I had before was now gone. I was seriously finding it so hard to stay awake. If you are finding yourself wanting botox and you don’t have the disposable detox money, she explained why this was a cheaper alternative to botox. The mask that she applied to my skin was used to tighten the skin and as the mask hardened I felt my face get tighter and tighter. Finishing off with a hot towel treatment, toner and moisturiser. When I got up my face didn’t even feel like it was my skin anymore it was so soft and dewy looking. I was seriously impressed. She informed me to not put makeup on my skin for 24hours to make sure I don’t re-clog my pores up with makeup. I found there were so many benefits to this facial. I kept catching myself admiring my skin afterwards, as I felt it was once again looking as youthful as it once did before.

Alaina offers treatments from HD brows to lashes to full body massages. The customer service I received was impeccable, the calming, friendly environment was so inviting. Alaina is happy to answer any queries and the flexible appointments, which are so handy in this fast paced world we live in where nobody has got no time to take care of themselves. Surely that should be at the top of our agenda? All facials also come with a complimentary hand and arm massage to relax you further. Alaina offers so many treatments from the comforts of her own home. if you are looking for anywhere where you can get good value for your money for pampering yourself, Alaina is definitely your girl.

If you wanted to book an appointment, her Facebook is Grace Alaina Limbada, telephone Number: 07876807309

She has introductory offers on her Lashes and HD Brows till the 1st of July at £20 each



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