Curls with Cantu

We do not go ‘natural’, we return. ‘Natural’, is where it began.” – Unknown

I have been so excited for my new curly hair journey product delivery. I had ordered two sets of natural curl products and I knew my first one would be the Cantu Shea butter line as I have an Amazon Prime account. The reason I have been super excited is because for the past two days, I’ve been obsessing over YouTube tutorials of girls with those beautiful luscious locks. They have obviously, basically completed their hair journey of returning back to natural…so why not take the advice from the people who have done it themselves? I got all my product ideas from a woman from Instagram who has a page dedicated to natural curly hair (@definedbycurls). The Cantu Shea butter line is supposed to be friendly on natural hair, free from sulfates, silicones, parabens and mineral oils. So basically anything that is supposed to be good for the hair is good enough for me.

Firstly the cleansing cream shampoo; I was particularly surprised with how much lather there was in it. I did hear on YouTube that anything without sulfates doesn’t lather in the hair but still cleaned, yet this did. I was so happy when I felt the lather between my finger tips. I think I’ve been so used to cleaning my hair in suds for so long, that if it didn’t, my brain would automatically think it has not been cleaned, so that was a huge plus for me. It didn’t feel harsh on the hair and when I washed it out, it almost felt like I had already conditioned my hair. It smells amazing too.


Being as my hair has some serious heat damage and bleach damage, I have learned that weekly deep conditioning treatments are an absolute must. So I sectioned my hair without finger detangling yet because I didn’t want to put my hair under any unnecessary stress. I picked up a gloop of the product and started to layer it all over my hair starting from the ends, as its the oldest part of my hair and the part that needed it the most. Once completed I pulled my hair on top of my head and put a plastic shower cap over the top, proceeding to wrap a towel around it to retain the natural warmth from my head. I left the product on for around 45minutes, then washed it off with warm water. When i tell you my hair was sooooo soft, it actually just glided through my hands. For the first time I had used something that I knew from the get go, was so good for my hair. Again this product also smells good.


Now I don’t know if I was being over the top with the conditioners, but I thought why not try the other hydrating cream conditioner. I did need to finger detangle my hair and comb through it. This conditioner had the right amount of ‘slip’ for detangling as well so this was great. I just put some in my hair and in four sections again covered my locks in it, starting from the ends leading to the roots. Then I detangled and combed through it as normal with regular conditioner once I was all knot free. I rinsed off with cold water to close up my hair cuticle and seal up all the moisture from the conditioners to make sure my hair looks as shiny and as healthy as it can possibly look at this point. I’m no product expert, but I am really digging these products so far.


Last but not least was my final step with the Cantu Shea butter leave in conditioner, that apparently provides intense moisture, leaving hair soft and manageable. I needed me some of that. When I got out the shower, instead of wrapping my hair in a towel, I wrapped mine up in a t-shirt. Towels leave your hair prone to frizz and I know when I was younger frizz was my worst enemy…seriously for years frizz plagued my entire life. I then unwrapped my hair and separated into four sections before raking the leave in through my hair, end to root again. My hair is quite thin so I really didn’t need a lot of product which is amazing. I don’t want my hair to be weighed down by a lot of product which would lead to build up with wash and go’s. As I started to scrunch, I noticed these really pretty curl patterns forming in my hair and I was like “yyyaaaassssssss!”. I let my hair dry naturally as I was putting my face on. I’m seriously going cold turkey on this no heat deal and honestly I am loving it. I could of definitely done with a curl definer to make sure frizz is totally at bay, but I do have one of those on the way so it’s cool. All in all these products are amazing. The price is totally inexpensive so if you’re starting out with your natural hair journey and need to buy everything, start with Cantu. My hair looks a lot more curly with these products on, so with patience hopefully my hair will begin to flourish and grow longer than it ever has been.


My day three hair so far, yaaaaay!

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