The Eyebrow FairyGodmother

Great eyebrows don’t happen by chance…..They happen by appointment” – Unknown

So for years I have struggled with the slugs on my forehead. I have stuck to threading for years. However as time went on I started to see they didn’t match like they used to and nothing I tried could make them look like they were related. I’ve spent endless hours in the eyebrow chair unhappy with the results. The threading lady would either make them sliver thin or take little to nothing of my regrowth off. That was it, I decided it was time for a change to really slay. I had trailed through endless eyebrow accounts but I find it so hard to trust anyone doing anything to my face, because it’s ON MY FACE! I couldn’t afford going into hiding for a month to sort out a blunder I had made by choosing the wrong person. A friend mentioned to me how good her friend was at eyebrows and if there is anyone I can trust it is my friend Danielle’s (@ohdamdani) opinion. A sassy lady called Connie who I had followed for ages was a short drive away from me, so I hit her up in the DM’s, asked her about prices and booked in with her straight away. So the Friday morning I made my way to Labou salon near Tamworth in the West Midlands, went inside and took a seat. Such a friendly atmosphere and in such a glamorous salon, I was very very impressed. I got in the chair and let Connie get to work. When she was finished I was actually amazed that my eyebrows could look so good, I felt genuinely excited to redo my makeup. You know how us girls are, get anything done to our face and hair and we have to go home and redo our faces for the gram hahaha. I definitely recommend her to anyone that reads my blog and wants to get their brows done by someone with a genuine talent.

Connie’s eyebrow Instagram – @connieleahhdbrows_    Price £25

Labou, Middleton House Farm, Middleton, Nr Tamworth, B78 2BD

Telephone Number – 01675 475300

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