Glamour never takes a day off” – Iman

So as you’ve seen on my Instagram I have been chosen to become a sass promo queen for a new ultra feminine brand called Sass Queen (@Sassqueenofficial Instagram). I was super excited as I’m just in love with this new clothing brand. It’s all about super girly vibes and having fun with fashion in addition to GIRL POWER! I’m definitely all for that.

So far it’s a small selection of items, sweaters and hoodies, phone accessories as well as the best silhouetted dresses I have ever seen. The main colours being pink, black ,white and grey, it is very easy to fit any of these items into any girls wardrobe. I got my hands on the grey YAASSS QUEEN hoodie…let me tell you this item is incredible. I did buy it in a M because I like things over sized, but the quality is great. The design of the pink heart with the phrase ‘stay sassy’ on the back and the reason I got this is because in the bio of my twitter it has said “got a whole lotta sass” for as long as I can remember. It fit me, physically and figuratively.

As I’m a very tall girl I would love this brand to start introducing some midi length dresses in the same kind of style of which they already have. I have seen on the Instagram that they are dropping hints about denim so I do know there is something new on the way and I am super excited to see what Sass Queen drops next and I have no doubt it’s going to be as lit as what they have previously shown us. If you want any of these items on the site ( use code KIMMY10 for money off. You’ll definitely be seeing me in more of these hot items so keep your eyes peeled. STAY SLAYING….

Instagram; @Sassqueenofficial – Website; – Discount code; KIMMY10

Once again the fabulous photos of me where taken by @wozthecreator on instagram…


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