Get You A Slay-Station

At the dressing table, every woman has a chance to be an artist, and art, as Aristotle said ‘completes what nature left unfinished.'” – Sofia Loren

You ever think that you have too much makeup and not enough storage? Yeah, Me too. I was having this issue. I had the Dunelm dressing table and some acrylic draws, problem was if you had palettes of contour kits and eyeshadows, like me you had no where to put all of this stuff. I was not prepared to get rid of anything, at all, no sir-y. To me make up was like collectors items you buy it and keep it because you never know when you’ll use it next. After approximately 30 seconds of deliberation (no joke, I make decisions just like that hahahaha) I decided I needed a dressing table with a huge draw. I remembered my cousin’s boyfriend got my cousin THE perfect dressing table for mothers day (I know right how perfect is that) it had the biggest draw, it was like huge. I needed it. I remembered it had a very Ikea-esque look so I checked the website and eureka it was there and sooooo cheap! £79! Could it be anymore perfect? obviously it has no mirror, but what I thought was the take the mirror from my old dressing table and just pop it on to the new one, problem solved. The next day I was in Ikea in all its glory, couldn’t you just spend hours in that place? It is literally an interior designers heaven. I spotted the perfect little organisers for 80p each too, I picked it 5 of them, I just thought I could have little sections dedicated to different types of cosmetics. Finally I can do my make up and keep some kind of organisation or at least try. I went home with this excited feeling in my stomach, I have never been so excited to put up flat pack furniture in my life……

As I am a stereotypical female I didn’t have a screwdriver so had to know on the neighbours too to get one hahaha. It took me around 25 minutes to put it up, and I just stepped back in awe of my beautiful creation, you think I’m joking…I stood there just staring at it. I got a little lamp to lighten up the space with a couple of candles and the only bit of makeup on show was my MAC Cosmetic lipsticks in an acrylic set of draw I got from the British Home Stores (BHS) a while ago.

I will just add that since creating my slay station. I have discovered it is not perfect until I get my hands on a LullaBellz Vanity diva mirror. Now they are pricey but look totally worth it. If anyone wants to buy me one feel free (inserts emoji laughing faces) No but seriously they look incredible and they have a little power socket in the side of them for your hair straighters. How inventive………

MALM Dressing table IKEA £79

Organisers 80p each

Makeup Brush pots £2 each

Lamp stand £9 and light shade £5

Wanted! LULLABELLZ LED Bulb Hollywood Vanity Mirror £380

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