Hope Is Dope, Know Hope Clothing

The natural flights of the human mind are not from pleasure to pleasure but from hope to hope” – Samuel Johnson

“So your brand is about hope.” A Birmingham based urban streetwear brand that’s making big moves within the industry, it has been seen on the likes of the BBC’s 1xtra radio personality Charlie Sloth and can be also found on ASOS’ marketplace, but what does Know Hope really mean? I’ve been following the brand for a while now via Instagram, the slogan itself embodies such a strong message that anyone should ‘Know Hope’ regardless of anything that you come up against as well as what ever enviroment you have come from, you are able to succeed and prosper through everything. You know me, I love anything that has a positive ideology.

So the clothing, great quality urban apparel from tracksuits to tees to caps and Jackets, on trend colours such as camel, black and grey. The range definitely has a lot to offer at affordable prices. I’ve got my hands on the new crew neck tees in white and grey with the slogan ‘HOPE’ on the chest, in your face with the signature peace sign as the ‘O’ but also clean in their design, these are available to preorder now on the website which I will link below.

For the brand in my point of view, I would love to definitely see some creative expansion on the line. Imagery on the clothing which embodies the brand motto that has been put across, in addition to some tees and sweaters in a bright orange, as I personally feel it is key to gain some eye catching colours to any brand. The new hope tee would look so dope in an orange, my slay senses are tingling at the thought of a shoot in it. I do hear that there are women’s crops in the pipeline for Know Hope so I’m super excited for what’s coming up in the future. I will definitely be keeping an eye out for any hot drops and sharing it on the blog with you guys.

I picked up my tees from the UK Designer Expo in Digbeth Birmingham where I met most of the team, they had such a friendly vibe, which is what I love to see from any clothing brand. I did a shoot shortly after with my favourite visual creative photographer @wozthecreator (Instagram) I also brought a feminine twist to the tee with a leather skirt and yeezy style boots from InTheStyle.co.uk.

Shop the brand on http://www.knowhopeuk.com



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