Bad&Boujee Bloggers

What draws people to be friends, is that they see the same truth and they share it” – C S Lewis

So its been a while, my life has been hectic. So much has changed in the past few months. One thing is for sure though it’s changing for the better. I’m feeling really positive about 2017. I Recently got in contact with a fellow blogger Mira. She’s got a sassy personality and we are so like minded it was crazy to find such a similar connection. We are both mothers, work in fashion stores and have a flare for blogging. She exudes such a confidence that I thought “hey! I really need to have a girly day with this person.” I proceeded to send her a direct message on Instagram. (I’ve followed her for years) Swapped mobile numbers and after many voice notes over whats app we decided to meet up. Just before that, I had just started a new project with a photographer called Warren @wozthecreator on Instagram, blog to follow soon. I thought this would be an amazing opportunity to get some photos together and for her to be my first feature. We went to the botanist for food and cocktails just before the shoot around Birmingham. Now when I tell you this girl is so bad, she was adamant that she wasn’t a model and that she feels very awkward in front of a camera however what I saw was so very different. She’s bad and boujee and looks like she had lived in front of a camera for all of her life. This blog post is more about being appreciative of people you meet in all different paths of life to be honest. I’ve come to admire her strength for the things she blogs about; it’s about positivity and not falling into social norms and this generations expectations of one another. Mira has her own mind and thats definitely something to admire about someone in this day and age. So I definitely wanted to make her my first feature on my Slaywithslice. I’ve planned with Mira to do loads of fun things over 2017 and I’ll be sharing it with my readers.







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