Slay With Positivity

“Be an encourager, the world has plenty of critics already” – Unknown

Our generation is brilliant, never before have we been able to access information so freely to teach ourselves the skills to pursue our dreams. Whether you want to be a personal trainer, make up artist, a stylist or a performer. We have the ability to do anything as long as we put our minds to it. The problem is our generation has forgotten how to support others on their own path to success and some have become so critical of others it’s very very sad to see. We want mates rates and favours and some are actually jealous when a friend is doing well. We need to cut out this behaviour. Everyone has something different to offer society and putting them down will only make them feel insecure about their path because you wouldn’t do it the same way as them. It is a blessing that we are not the same as everybody else, the world would be truly boring if we was. This week I found out that somebody had approached someone I know just to say “I seen Kim and I didn’t like her outfit, it was weird.” Gladly the person who it was said to had my back completely and I am truly grateful. At first this comment made me feel for one second a bit insecure, however I thought ‘I’m not like anyone else I know and that’s a good thing.’ I have seen that I have inspired people to buy certain items that I have posted on Instagram or blogged about. If I have the odd few people dislike something I’m wearing then that’s their difference of opinion and that is absolutely fine. Some people feel the need to put others down and I have never really understood it. Don’t get me wrong I am still learning to be a better person, I have said things about others in the past. When I think of those moments, saying those things have never made me feel better about myself or built my own self confidence. You gain nothing from being critical and ‘bitchy’. I am now all for buying from small boutiques and paying for someone to give me a service because they started that business alone. We should support our peers on their journey to success. Positivity has always bred positivity, that will never change. We are all not perfect so don’t dislike them if they have something negative to say to about you. Next time you feel the jealous demon inside of you ready to speak negative, think to yourself, what do I gain with making them feel badly about themselves trying to make their own happiness or trying to make them temporarily unhappy. The world is a hard place to find yourself as it is, without us stepping on others.

Forever slay xoxo



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