Slay With Positivity

Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking” – Marcus Aurelius

This blog is going to be slightly different to anything I have wrote before. Happiness. How do we view happiness? How do we get it? What even is happiness? To some it’s social acceptance from everyone and being popular. To others it’s having the high flying job with the 6 zeros added on to the average Joe’s salary as well as the sports car,  four bedroom house and  incredible looking partner.

Image is not everything, and as much as I would love the extra six zeros added on to my salary (ooooohhhh think of all the shopping I could do) there have been times in my past where I have portrayed myself to have it all but within I was crumbling inside and suffering with depression. We live in a generation that preys on normal people’s insecurities and lead them to believe that we should look and act a certain way to be accepted. That my slayers isn’t the case at all. I want Slay With Slice to become something that is about self acceptance and believing that you can do and be anything that you want to be regardless of anyone’s opinions. TO BELIEVE IN YOUR OWN SLAY. Sometimes we need reminders that we are all beautiful in our own right, we are all unique. Embrace yourself, love yourself and most of all respect yourself.

Every day you should tell yourself 5 things you absolutely love about yourself and do 5 things a week that you love to do. Rebuild your slay. If you’re feeling low, surround your self with confident, fun loving people that only want to build you up. Ladies if there is a man that does not believe in your slay, PLEASE tell that BOY BYE! Hallelujah Slayonce. Cast out every negative/toxic thought, person, situation and get to know new people and things. Rebuild that slay till you finally can look at yourself and think “I like myself, no! actually I love myself and I believe in my own slay.”

People only say negative things about others because of their own disbelief of themselves. Do not hate them, help them. Spread positivity out into your universe, it will only come back to you tenfold. True beauty comes from the smile on your face. Confidence comes from the way you feel. All of this starts from within, so for true happiness stop looking for what everyone else wants you to be and be yourself, accept your self…. Most of all watch yourself blossom for it is the most beautiful transformation you will every experience.




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