Slice’s Season Must Have: The Choker

I’ve always thought of accessories as the exclamation point of a woman’s outfit” – Michael Kors

The accessory that is being sold everywhere in a million different designs. The chocker. Can I just say I have acquired a lot of chokers. Why? Because there is one for absolutely every occasion, every outfit, even every mood. I put one on and it will completely enhance my look, I tend to think it gives me such a feminine vibe.  You want the Yeezy inpired look? (By the way Yeezy post is coming soon, I am excited to write that) Get yourself a thick denim blue choker. On the other hand romanticise it up with the thick new look lace choker for £4.99 (I will post a picture of this below, currently have this in my shopping cart right now. Soooo CUTE!) with a classic LBD and you are ready to go. Like shoes you can literally not have too many so collect them it becomes seriously addictive. Necklaces are seriously out and chokers are definitely in…..

  • Missguided White Choker Necklace £8.00
  • Missguided Metal Choker £15.00
  • (ASOS) Child of Wild Beaded Choker £42.00
  • New Look Wide Lace Choker £4.99
  • River Island Wrap Bow Choker £6.00
  • (ASOS) Love Rocks Suede Cord and Rhinestone Choker £20.00
  • (ASOS) Love Rocks Rose Choker £35.00
  • ASOS Ruffle Choker Necklace £8.00


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